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Inference Control and Driving of Natural Systems

Day 1: Introduction (+elementary Bayes) Practical Lecture Code

Day 2: Basics of chemistry Practical Lecture Code1 Code2 Code3 Gillespie paper link

Day 3: Elements of Sampling Practical Lecture Code1 Code2

Day 4: Elements of Sampling II Code1

Day 5: Sampling in the Brain Code1 Code2

Day 6: Basics of Control (this will be updated) Practical Lecture Code1 Code2

Day 7: Practical Lecture Code1 Code2 Code3

Day 8: See Basics of Control Code1

Day 9: Elements of Optimal Control Practical Lecture Code1 Kappen link

Day 10: Aspects of Stochastic Optimal Control Nonexaminable practical Code1 Code2

Day 11: Bridging Inference Control and Driving Physical limits on cellular sensing Code1 Practical Notes

Day 12: Chemical energy production and use Practical Lecture Code1 Code2 Beard paper

Day 13: Flux balance analysis of metabolism Practical Lecture Code1 Code2 Krebswiki

Day 14: Enzymes and metabolic control analysis Practical Lecture Code1 Code2 Code3

Day 15: Review.


EE2 Maths 2012

Mini syllabus

Link to Blackboard for online problem sets

First problem set for download

Second problem set for download

Third problem set for download

Fourth problem set for download

Fifth problem set for download

Hints first problem set

Hints second problem set

Hints third problem set

Hints fourth problem set

Hints fifth problem set

Handout 1Functions of Multiple Variables

Handout 2Complex Variables Full Notes

Handout 3Fourier and Laplace Transforms

Handout 4Library of Laplace Transforms

Formula sheet

Note Double integrals quick primer (covered by John Gibbons)