This is the web page of the course Algebra III M3P8/M4P8

The course is a general introduction to algebra.

There will be two in-class tests during the lectures on the 14 November and the 5 December (each contributing 5% to the overall credit).

Problem sheets are here: sheet 1 sheet 2 sheet 3 sheet 4 sheet 5

Solutions are here: solutions 1 solutions 2 solutions 3 solutions 4 solutions 5

Test 1 questions solutions

Test 2 questions solutions

Old tests, to help with revision: old test 1 solutions for it old test 2 solutions for it

Recommended textbook: Allenby. Rings, fields and groups.

A useful but optional reference for later parts of course is M.Reid, Undergraduate commutative algebra.

Here are notes of an old course. I will use a part of them for the first half or so of the course this year.