Simon Donaldson 

Address: Room 674, Huxley Building, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College, Queen's Gate, London SW7 2AZ


For a complete list of my publications see MathSciNet.
All my research articles written since 2004 are on the arxiv

For a list of former doctoral students see the mathematics genealogy project

Photograph from Newton Institute conference, August 2017, with my doctoral supervisors (Atiyah and Hitchin), students and grandstudents.

Conference at Newton Institute Cambridge 2017


Lie groups and geometry, Autumn 2007 and 2011 

Geometric Analysis, Autumn 2008
Notes for whole course, with questions

Geometric Analysis, Spring 2010

Topology of manifolds 2012 Notes and exercises   manifoldsproblems

From 2015 my lectures have been given within the London School of Geometry and Number Theory  link

Mathematical aspects of gauge theory 2017 notes

Differential geometry,  2019 notes

Elliptic operators,  2020 notes

Geometric Analysis,  2021 (online course, notes in four parts) notes1 , notes2 , notes3notes4  

Introduction to Riemannian convergence theory 2022 (4 hour online course)  notes                                                                                          

Complex manifolds and Kahler manifolds (90 minute lecture,  2022 )  notes                                                                              

The Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem (90 minute lecture,  2023 ) notes

Topology of manifolds (90 minute lecture, 2023) notes

Differential Geometry (Lecture course beginning 18th January 2024) plan for course
                                                                                Slides for Part 1                               

                                                                                Slides for Part 2

                                                                                Slides for Part 3

Errata for my book "Riemann surfaces" (Oxford UP 2011) errata

Expository articles etc.

       Article published in  "Nonlinearity" 21 (2008) 157-164 : article
       Article written for King Faisal Prize awards volume, March 2006: article
       Unpublished article "Yang-Mills theory and geometry", written January 2005: article
       Survey "Mathematical uses of gauge theory" written approx 2004, published in the Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Physics, Ed. Francois, Naber, Tsou article
      "Lefschetz pencils and mapping class groups" In: Proc. Symp. Pure Math. 74 (Ed. Farb) 2004 article
      "Conjectures in Kahler geometry" In: Clay Math. Proceedings Vol 3, AMS 2004 article
      "Moment maps in differential geometry" In: Surveys in differential geometry VIII, AMS 2003: article

       Notes for a lecture series
  CIMAT, Mexico, July 2004: lecture notes
       Contribution to European Mathematical Society Newsletter 2019 (knot surgery on 4-manifolds)  article
       Contribution to London Mathematical Society Newsletter 2022 (extremal metrics on toric manifolds) article



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