I am a lecturer (roughly equivalent to assistant professor with tenure) in the Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London.

My research interests are primarily in statistical theory, particularly inference for interest parameters in the presence of a large number of nuisance parameters.


Editorial affiliations

Associate Editor for Biometrika
Associate Editor for Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B
Member of the Research Section Committee of the Royal Statistical Society, responsible for handling Series B discussion papers.

Research grants

EPSRC Early Career Research Fellowship, Oct 2020 - Sep 2025.
Theoretical foundations of inference in the presence of a large number of nuisance parameters.
EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Jan 2017 - Dec 2019.
Inference for functions of large covariance matrices.

Biographical outline

2016-present: Lecturer, Imperial College London, UK
2014-2016: Research Fellow, Princeton University, USA
2011-2014: Research Fellow, University of Bristol, UK
2008-2011: PhD, University of Cambridge, UK

PhD students

Rebecca Lewis
Jakub Rybak

Publications: statistical theory and applied probability

Battey, H. S. and Cox, D. R. (2021)
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Statistical Science, to appear.

Rybak, J. and Battey, H. S. (2021)
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Publications: other

Beale, N., Battey, H. S., Davison, A. C. and MacKay, R. S. (2020)
An unethical optimization principle.
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Hoeltgebaum, H. H. and Battey, H. S. (2019)
HCmodelSets: An R package for specifying sets of well-fitting models in high dimensions.
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