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This is the 'unofficial' but main homepage. the 'official' one can be found here


ECSTATIC (Early Career Stage Topologists At Imperial College) is a two-day conference in all branches of topology, aimed primarily at young and early career stage researchers (ie Ph.D. students and postdocs) working in the field.

This year, the conference will take place on the 13th and 14th of june 2016, at Imperial College London, Sherfield Building, Read Lecture Theatre.
Please note these are a Monday and Tuesday.

We are delighted (maybe even ECSTATIC) to announce that this year's grown up speakers are Prof. Sarah Whitehouse and Prof. Andras Juhasz. We are very grateful for them agreeing to speak and very excited to hear them.

All participants are very encouraged to give a talk, either on the field they are working in or some of their own research. Don't be shy - there's usually a whole range of talks, given by a range of 'ages' - from first year students right through to postdocs!

We are also very grateful for the support of the IMA, the LMS, Imperial College London and TCC Oxford --- without whom there would be no event.

schedule and abstracts

You can find the schedule by clicking on this link.

You can find the abstracts by clicking on this one.

how to get to the venue

here are some directions to the Read lecture theatre, where the conference is being held.

registration and funding

Registration is now closed.
Please click here for the what was the registration page, which contains information about funding.

if you still want to come, and you've not registered, please email the organisers (our email addresses are below) and we'll try and work out what we can do - but you'll probably have to fund yourself and sort out your own accommodation.


we have a poster. put it up! wallpaper your house with it! make a paper aeroplane!

giving talks

We wrote some guidelines for giving talks. Don't worry they are short.

information for travelling

Here is some information about travelling to London, and Imperial, more specifically.

contact us and other stuff

We should note here that the organisers are Marco Marengon and Tom Hockenhull. Our email addresses are, in riddle form:

(first initial) dot (surname) (number after twelve) at imperial dot ac dot uk

That's all for now. We'll put up abstracts, a programme, and more information as and when we have it. Stay tuned.

If you want to look at stuff from last year, please click here.