registration and funding

hello again. this is the page for registration and funding. registration is now closed but we've left this page here in case the information on it is useful to anyone.

if you still want to come, and you've not registered, please email the organisers (our email addresses are on the homepage) and we'll try and work out what we can do - but you'll probably have to fund yourself and sort out your own accommodation.

the deadline was midnight (GMT) on
Friday 15th April 2016


a) We cannot outright guarantee funding because it would be awful if we promised anything and then didn't have enough money. however:

i) We very strongly expect to be able to support all UK based researchers for both travel and one night of accommodation. See below for accommodation details however.

ii) We expect to be able to support some researchers travelling from within Europe, but not all, and not completely. our estimates are that we should be able to afford to accommodate some people for one night of accommodation, plus around £50 of their travel. But we make absolutely no guarantees of anything, because our estimating technique is awful and not exact at all.

iii) We almost definitely won't be able to afford any travel or accommodation for anyone travelling from outside of Europe, as our budget just simply isn't big enough. WE'RE REALLY SAD ABOUT THIS.

b) When registration closes, we will have a much stronger idea of how the money will be required. As such, we will be able to email people with the exact amount of funding they will or will not be receiving. Please see 'how can i help' below for some requests about this, however.

c) we should apologise for the way funding is. most of our funding stipulates it can only be spent on uk-based researchers. we're trying our hardest to enable as many people as possible to attend.

how can i help the conference

there are a few things you can all do to help the conference.

a) If you have access to other funds (eg from your university, or the NSF, etc) then please please use them. We really don't have that big a budget this year, and so this would help us allow more people to come and make things better.

b) Please try and be accurate with your estimates of how much money you will need on the form. This will help us an awful lot.

c) Please try and book tickets as early in advance as you can. We understand that you might want to wait for the close of registration and an exact allocation of funding - this is okay. We should stress here though that our very strong expectation to be able to cover those travelling from the UK is as close as it comes to a guarantee, and you're even more likely to be reimbursed if you book early and so your tickets are cheap.

d) If you have a friend/relative/enemy in London you could stay with instead of us paying for your accommodation, this would be greatly appreciated.

accommodation information

Please let us know on the form if you need accommodation, and for how long, although please bear in mind we are a small conference with very limited funds, so please try and be as frugal as possible in how long you request accommodation for. We should also note here that accommodation will be in shared rooms, segregated by sex.

We will book the accommodation of everyone we fund for accommodation.

We can also book accommodation for those who need it but that we cannot pay for - but please let us know in plenty of time through the registration form. There will be a way to pay for it in advance, through some fancy secure Imperial website, which you'll need to do. More info on this later.

other stuff and some FAQs

Please please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you attend, or if you have any requirements not covered above (like diet or something). We're eager to try and help as many people as possible attend. In particular:

If you need it, please do not forget about the LMS childcare grants

i am from elsewhere in the world but will be in the UK/Europe near the conference and would only need travel from this place, what happens to me?

cool. We'll probably regard you as being based in Europe for the purposes of deciding whether or not to fund you, and you'll be on the same footing as the others.

how will you decide who gets funding from not the UK?

We have a very clever robot.

Actually, we don't - but what we'll do is try and maximise the number of people who can come, alongside how relevant their research interests seem to the conference, in our opinions. This will be difficult for us, and some rolling of dice may have to come into play, so we're sorry in advance if you end up without any money.


thanks for reading all of that. maybe you want to go back?