how to get to the read lecture theatre

please note you should NOT walk through Hyde Park after dark. Take West Carriage Drive instead.

also note that the venue is slightly different from last year

I am coming from the Royal Eagle hotel

Great. If you're into all this modern technology, here's a google maps link that may or may not work. Alternatively, here's a link to a pair of pdf maps to get you there: here is a more zoomed out map to get you to Imperial

here is a more zoomed in map for once you're near Imperial.

below is an algorithm in words. it differs SLIGHTLY from the map if you end up going via the Royal Albert hall (this is prettier than the map route):

a) Leave the hotel. Walk south west a little bit until the crossroads and turn left down Gloucester Terrace (you'll need to cross the road).

b) Walk south down Gloucester Terrace. Turn right at the end of the road onto Lancaster Terrace (again, you'll need to cross the road to do this). The London Elizabeth hotel should be on your right, and directly ahead of you is an entrance to Hyde park.

c) Enter Hyde Park, by the Italian Garden (there are fountains). Walk south (i.e. as straight as you can) with the long water on your left (at some point this stops pointing south though, so don't stick to it).

d) Exit Hyde Park on the south boundary. Depending on how south you walked, you'll be either in front of the Royal Albert Hall, or at Queen's gate.

If you're in front of queen's gate, then: cross the road and walk down Queen's gate road on the LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD. Turn left down Prince Consort Road, and walk along it until step e).

If you're in front of the Royal Albert Hall then cross the road and walk around to the other side of the Royal Albert hall. Walk down the steps and turn RIGHT down Prince consort road and walk along it a little bit. Go to step e)

e) Cross the road at the zebra crossing.

f) Enter Imperial College through the gate next to the zebra crossing. Walk forward until you come to a building - the 'SHERFIELD BUILDING'.

g) Turn left and walk a few steps to the entrance. Enter. Walk to the lift just ahead of you. Take it to floor 5, and you HAVE MADE IT!!!!!!! Woooohooooo.

I am coming from South Kensington Underground station

Great. We don't have any maps for you. You'll have to fend for yourself. The good news is the algorithm is much easier:

a) Pass through the ticket barriers in the station. You have two options here: scenic or foolproof. We suggest scenic, but it's up to you.

FOOLPROOF: Straight after the ticket barriers, turn right and walk through the tunnel, following signs for the SCIENCE MUSEUM. Exit the tunnel where it says to for the SCIENCE MUSEUM, and turn 90 degrees left. GO TO STEP C).

SCENIC: Exit the station up into the small arcade, and turn right. Exit the arcade, turn right and walk a little way, then turn left (at the bookshop) onto Exhibition Road: it should be signposted as 'Imperial College London'. Go to step b)

b) Continue down Exhibition Road. Cross straight over two roads (via traffic lights). Continue straight: you'll pass the V&A on your right and the entrance to the science museum on your left. You will come to the exit of the underpass which leads straight back to the station.

c)Take the next possible left down Imperial college road. Note there should now be signs with the caterpillar on to guide you. Walk down Imperial college road. You are currently walking WEST. At some point the buildings on your RIGHT will run out and you will see a big tower on your RIGHT.

d) Turn right and walk past one side of the tower, then turn left and walk past another side of the tower, again you should now be walking WEST. Keep going forwards until you can't any more.

e) The library entrance is on your left. On your right is the entrance to the 'SHERFIELD BUILDING'. Go through the doors in here. Walk to the lift on your right and take it to the fifth floor.