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Size-dependent increase in RNA Polymerase II initiation rates mediates gene expression scaling with cell size

XM Sun, A Bowman, M Priestman, F Bertaux, A Martinez-Segura, W TangD Dormann, V Shahrezaei*, S Marguerat*

bioRxiv, 754788

Ohm's Law for emergent gene expression under fitness pressure

M Ciechonska, M Sturrock, A Grob, G Larrouy-Maumus, V Shahrezaei*, M Isalan*

bioRxiv, 693234

A bacterial size law revealed by a coarse-grained model of cell physiology

F Bertaux, J Von Kügelgen, S Marguerat, V Shahrezaei

bioRxiv, 078998

Already published 

MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry on intact bacteria combined with a refined analysis framework allows accurate classification of MSSA and MRSA

W Tang, N Ranganathan, V Shahrezaei*, G Larrouy-Maumus*

PloS one 14 (6), e0218951 (2019)

LiBiNorm: an htseq-count analogue with improved normalisation of Smart-seq2 data and library preparation diagnostics

NP Dyer, V Shahrezaei, D Hebenstreit

PeerJ 7, e6222 (2019)

bayNorm: Bayesian gene expression revovery, imputaiton and normalisation for single cell RNA-sequencing data 

Tang, W., Bertaux, F., Stefanelli, C., Saint, M., Marguerat, S.*, Shahrezaei, V.* 

bioRxiv 384586 (2018) (accepted in Bioinformatics; 2019)

Single Cell Phenotyping and RNA sequencing reveal novel patterns of gene expression heterogeneity and regulation during growth and stress adaptation in a unicellular eukaryote 

Saint, M., Bertaux, F., Tang, W., Sun, X., Game, L., Koferle, A., Bahler, J., Shahrezaei, V.*,  Marguerat, S.* 

Nature microbiology 4 (3), 480-491 (2019)

Analysis of ParAB dynamics in mycobacteria shows active movement of ParB and differential inheritance of ParA 

Uhia I., Priestman, M., Joyce G., Krishnan N., Shahrezaei, V., Robertson, B.D.  

PLoS One 13, e0199316 (2018)

Divsion rate, cell size and proteome allocation: impact on gene expression noise and implications for the dynamics of genetic circuits 

Bertaux, F., Marguerat S.* , Shahrezaei, V.* 

Royal Society Open Science 5, 172234 (2018)

Mycobacteria Modify Their Cell Size Control under Sub-Optimal Carbon Sources

Priestman, M., Thomas, P., Robertson, B.D.*, Shahrezaei, V.*  

Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 5:64  (2017)

The influence of nuclear compartmentalisation on stochastic dynamics of self-repressing gene expression

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Modelling enzyme processivity reveals that RNA-seq libraries are biased in characteristic and correctable ways.

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Connecting growth with gene expression: of noise and numbers.

Shahrezaei, V.*, Marguerat S.*  

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General transient solution of the one-step master equation in one dimension. 

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Mycobacterial Growth. 

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Cold Spring Harbor Perspec Med doi: 10.1101/cshperspect.a021097 (2015). 

Stochastic cellular fate decision making by multiple infecting Lambda phage. 

Robb M., Shahrezaei, V.

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A novel biosensor architecture is predicted to reduce nonlinear reporting of signaling protein activity

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Uncaging Calcium in Neurons

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Bell-shaped and ultrasensitive dose-response in phosphorylation-dephosphorylation cycles: the role of kinase-phosphatase complex formation.

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Mathematical modelling of bovine immunodynamcis in response to multiple foot-and mouth disease virus vaccinations: the effect of antigen stability and doses.

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Scalable rule-based modelling of allosteric proteins and biochemical networks.

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The Ste5 scaffold protein directly controls a switch-like mating decision in yeast.

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Evaluated on Faculty of 100 Biology:; Media coverage by Eureka (the Times’ monthly science magazine), The Metro, The Canberra Times, Irish Sun and several other newspapers and science websites.

The stochastic nature of biochemical networks.

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Selected for the virtual journal of biological physics.

Colored extrinsic fluctuations and stochastic gene expression

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Calcium from one or two channels controls fusion of a single vesicle at the frog neuromuscular junction.

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Recommended by Noble laureate Erwin Neher on Faculty of 1000 Biology:

Brevity of the Ca2+ microdomain and active zone geometry prevent Ca2+-sensor saturation for neurotransmitter release.

Shahrezaei, V., Delaney, K.R. 

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Consequences of molecular-level Ca2+ channel and synaptic vesicle colocalization for the Ca2+ microdomain and neurotransmitter exocytosis: a Monte Carlo study.

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Competition between phasic and asynchronous release for recovered synaptic vesicles at developing hippocampal autaptic synapses.

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