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Vahid is sitting on Imperial College Athena Swan application committee as the college is preparing to renew their award. 


vahid is co-organising a meeting on Mathematical analysis of single cell data in June at Imperial College. 


Vahid is appointed as the Diversity of Champion for the Faculty of Natural Sciences. 


Check out bayNorm an novel method for the normalisation of scRNAseq data. 


Vahid is promoted to Reader (Associate Professor). 


Our study of cell size control in mycobacteria is published in Frontiers.


Vahid has been awarded Imperial College’s President Medal for Research Supervision. 


Our paper investigating the role of nuclear transport on stochastic gene expression is out in JTB


Vahid’s collaboration with Dan Hebenstreit (Warwick) on modelling and inference of enzymatic reactions in  RNA-seq protocls just got published in Cell Systems


Vahid is spending a sabattical year at the MRC CSC (known as MRC LMS from 1-1-2017). He is the mathematician in residence. 


Vahid is a participant from April to June at the Newton Institute taking part in Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Biology program and giving two talks in April and May. 


Vahid has now a visiting status at the MRC Clinical Scinece Centre. Read the news piece regarding this. 


Our group moved to the Sir Ernest Chain Building (3rd level). We remain associated to the Department of Mathematics. 


Sam Marguerat and Vahid have written a new review/perspective on global regulation of gene expression for Current Opinion in Microbiology, which can be downloaded from this link for free. 


This postdoctoral position is now available, which is a joint position between our group and Samuel Marguerat’s group. We are looking for someone to do both experiments and modelling. Deadline is 26th of January.


Vahid jontly with Samuel Marguerat (MRC CSC) have been awarded a Leverhulme grant for 3 years to study noise in gene expression in yeast. We will be hiring a postdoc that will do both experiments and modelling shortly. If you are interested in such postion please get in touch or watch this space for a formal advert. 


Vahid attended the BIRS workshop on particle-based reaction-diffusion models in biology in Banff last week. The video of his talk is available on line


I am organising an innovation mixer at the MRC CSC to promote research interactions with the bio-mathematician at Imperial. 


Lorenzo Ficorella will join our group as PhD students in the fall. Lorenzo is jointly supervised with Sam Marguerat based at MRC CSC. 


Congratulations to Matthew Robb who successfully defended his viva!


Samuel Marguerat (MRC Clinical Sciences Centre) and VS are awarded an interdiciplinary, cross-campus, collaborative (ICCS) PhD studentship to study the role of global noise on stress response in yeast. Interested candidates should apply by the end of August. See the ad here


Pablo is presenting a poster at the seventh q-bio conference in Santa Fe.


Qurat is presenting a poster in the meeting "Information, probability and inference in Systems Biology" in Edinburgh.


Vahid's visit of University of Ediburgh's Departemnt of Mathematics is captured in a blog post by their outreach officer. 


Our meeting on Decision Making in Nature starts tomorrow at Imperial College


VS is giving seminars at King's College and University of Edinburgh in May. 


Matthew and Pablo are presenting posters at Bacterial Networks conference in Poland (16-21 Mar 2013).


Vahid is an invited speaker at the Kolkata Systems Biology Conference in India (January  2013).


Brian Robertson (Medicine, Imperial) and VS have been awarded a BBSRC DTP studentship to study accurate cell division in mycobacteria. The project involves both experiments and modelling. We are looking for a top student with math or physics background who is interested to get into biology. Please send me your CV if you are interested (by the 31 of January 2013).


Vahid is  co-organising a workshop on Decision Making in Nature in May 2013.

This is the webepage of Vahid Shahrezaei and his group at the Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London. Our group are interested in Computational Molecular Systems Biology. You can check out more details about our research interests or read our recent publicationsWe are part of the Biomathematics Group at Imperial College.


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