Functional Phylogenies

Evolutionary Inference for Functional Data





27/28th September











 We're composed of:

John Aston (Warwick)

Dorothy Buck (Imperial)

Nick Jones (Oxford)

Vincent Macaulay (Glasgow)

John Moriarty (Manchester)

And we're a mix of biologically inclined statisticians, mathematicians and physicists interested in new directions in the study of shape evolution. We've been funded by the EPSRC to pursue questions of this nature.


We're organising a two day workshop on the 27/28th of September on the topic of new approaches to shape evolution. This will be held in the Physics department in Oxford. This Workshop will bring together researchers from several theoretical and application areas to discuss new approaches to the evolution of shapes such as: continuous biological data; bone morphology; and speech evolution along linguistic phylogenies. The aim of the Workshop is to discuss possible directions for the development of new methods to investigate shape evolution, informed by related existing approaches and with a focus on applications.


Our first paper can be found here.