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I run the Systems and Signals group in Imperial Mathematics. I'm a mathematician-physicist with interests in the Natural world. My work abuts topics in engineering, statistics and computer science.

I am interested in topics in (bio)energetics, inference and their interface. In bioenergetics we mostly study mitochondrial variability, in inference we investigate network structure and highly comparative signal processing (often in a medical context) and at the interface we are interested in how energetic constraints can limit information processing.

Our work thus requires tools from stochastic processes, signal processing, network analysis, algorithmics and informatics.

If you would like to join us, contact me and click here for funding.

Tax payers support almost all of my research and can learn about our papers here in our group blog

My group also posts about recent papers in mitochondrial physiology and bioenergetics: the Imperial Mitochondriacs Blog

We recently made a simple probabilistic calculator it is hooked up to bionumbers to allow rule of thumb reasoning in biology where uncertainties are quantified.

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Recent Work, Papers

In 2012 I had the idea that Imperial could have a kind of Advanced Hackspace. I wrote a letter outlining my ideas. Following positive responses, and with the encouragement of Peter Childs, I wrote a grant for our Advanced Hackspace in 2013. Since 2014 this Advanced Hackspace is now active under the name ICAH and members of the Imperial community can join. This is a network of spaces, supported by skilled staff, where members of the college can convert ideas into prototypes. Peter Childs and Eric Yeatman are involved in the space and Aran Dasan and Larissa Kunstel-Tabet are driving it forward for us.

In 2014 we launched a place for comparing time series and their methods.

In 2013 I organised an international meeting on Decision Making in Nature with members of Biomaths

Royal Society Discussion Meeting 2012 and Volume 2013 on Signal Processing and Inference for the Physical Sciences co-organised and edited with Tom Maccarone. Website with full details here


I am particularly interested in building links with Indian Institutions and have set up the Imperial College India Biomaths Bridge

Books I am always recommending to beginners. 


Address: Mathematics Department, Huxley Building, Queen's Gate, London SW7 2AZ, U.K.

E-mail: nick.jones [at]

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