New Directions in Functional Approaches to Shape Evolution: Morphology and Language

Functional Phylogenies



Speakers, Atendees, and draft schedule


27/28th September











Bart de Boer

John Coleman
Colin Cotter

Richard Goldstein

Jim Hurford

Neil Lawrence
Norman MacLeod

Andrew Nevins

Geoff Nichols
Alain Trouvé



Mauricio Alvarez

John Aston

Dorothy Buck

Alan Grafen

Pantelis Hadjipantelis

Jotun Hein

Joe Herman

Nick Jones
Vincent Macaulay
John Moriarty
Imran Rahman


Fisher Room in the Denis Wilkinson Building in the Department of Physics, Oxford

Abstracts here

Day 1:


10:00 - Coffee + arrivals

10:30 - Session: Introductions

11:30 - Functional Phylogenies - context

12:00 - Lunch

1:30 - Session: Challenges in biological shape evolution Norman/Richard

2:30 - Coffee

3:00 - Session: Challenges in speech sound evolution John/Bart/Andrew/Jim
5:30 + Royal Oak Pub

7:00 Dinner

Day 2:

9:45 Morphings and geometry - Colin/Alain
11:00 coffee
11:30 Functions and inference - Neil/Geoff
12:30 Lunch
-Collective literature review - what's there and what isn't.
-Challenges and ideas
-Funding sources
-Summary closing soapbox