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CHASC International Center for Astrophysics

Founded in 1997, the California-Harvard Astrostatistics Collaboration (CHASC) is a collaboration of statisticians and astronomers at Harvard University, the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Imperial College London, and the Universities of California at Irvine and Davis. The reseraches in CHASC develop statistical methods, computational techniques, and freely available software to address outstanding inferential problems in high-energy astrophysics and in solar physics.

CHASC Faculty and Researchers:

CHASC Affiliates:

CHASC PhD Students:

  1. Sara Algeri (Imperial)
  2. Luis Campos (Harvard)
  3. Robin Gong (Harvard)
  4. Zhirui Hu (Harvard)
  5. Katy McKeough (Harvard)
  6. Shijing Si (Imperial)
  7. Vasileios Stampoulis (Imperial)
  8. Xufei Wang (Harvard)
  9. Shihao Yang (Harvard)
  10. Xixi Yu (Imperial)

Former CHASC Affiliates and Researchers:

  • James Chiang, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
  • Alanna Connors, Eureka Scientific
  • Eric Kolaczyk, Boston University
  • Rima Izem, FDA/CDER
  • Jason Kramer, University of California, Irvine
  • Adam Roy, Revision Optics

Former CHASC Postdoctoral Researchers:

  • Brandon Kelly, Goodyear
  • Hyunsook Lee, Lam Research Korea

Former CHASC PhD Students:

  1. CJ Zijin Shen (Harvard 2000), Head of Options Trading, Jump Trading, LLC
  2. Chris Hans (Harvard AB 2001), Associate Professor, Ohio State
  3. Rostislav S. Protassov, (Harvard 2003) Director, Citigroup
  4. David Esch (Harvard 2003), Director of Research, New Frontier Advisors
  5. Hosung Kang (Harvard 2005), Quantitative Analyst, Graham Capital Management
  6. Yaming Yu (Harvard 2005), Associate Professor, Univ of California, Irvine
  7. Taeyoung Park (Harvard 2006), Associate Professor, Yonsei Univ., Korea
  8. Alan Burton Lenarcic (Harvard 2009), US Securities and Exchange Commission, Manhattan
  9. Paul David Baines (Harvard 2010),
  10. Xianchao Xie (Harvard 2011), Two Sigma Investments
  11. Li Zhu (Harvard 2012), Marshall Wace
  12. Jingchen Liu (Harvard 2008), Associate Professor, Columbia
  13. Victoria Liublinska (Harvard 2013), Research Analyst, Harvard
  14. Nathan Stein (Harvard 2013), Spotify
  15. Alex Blocker (Harvard 2013), GRAIL
  16. Jin Xu (UC Irvine 2014), Adobe
  17. Shandong Zhao (UC Irvine 2014), Apple
  18. Raymond Wong (UC Davis 2014), Asst. Professor, Texas A&M
  19. Irina Udaltsova (UC Davis, 2014), UC Davis
  20. David Stenning (UC Irvine, 2015), SAMSI Fellow
  21. Lazhi Wang (Harvard, 2015), Two Sigma Investments
  22. Dan Cervone (Harvard, 2015), Los Angeles Dodgers (Sr Analyst)
  23. David Jones (Harvard, 2016), SAMSI Fellow
  24. Hyungsuk Tak (Harvard, 2016), SAMSI Fellow
  25. Xiyun Jiao (Imperial, 2016), Postdoctoral Fellow, University College London
  26. Yang Chen (Harvard, 2017), Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
  27. Minjie Fan (UC Davis, 2017), Google
  28. Qi Gao (UC Davis, 2017), Stich Fix