Dr. David A. Stephens    

    Contact details:
  • Room 523, Huxley Building,
  • Department of Mathematics,
  • 180 Queen's Gate, London.
  • Telephone No. : +44 207 594 8518
  • Fax : +44 207 594 8517
  • email : d.stephens@imperial.ac.uk

Note: As of 01/07/2006 I will be moving to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McGill University, Montreal.

However, unless Imperial College insist otherwise, this page will continue to be maintained on the current URL.



Research Interests :  Bayesian Statistics and Markov Chain Monte Carlo; applications in statistical genetics & bioinformatics, time series, statistical finance, econometrics, medical statistics.


  • Bayesian Inference and MCMC
  • Bioinformatics & Statistical Genetics
  • Time Series, Finance and Econometrics
  • Medical Statistics
  • Papers and Reports





Undergraduate & Postgraduate Courses




MSc Course


December 2005/January 2006

Introductory courses in R (Autumn 2005)

A course I gave for PG students for the Graduate School in Engineering and Physical Sciences (GSEPS) - SPRING 2004

A course I gave regularly for the Staff Development Unit at  Imperial College

A short course I gave in July 2001




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