Meet the team

Philipp Thomas Philipp Thomas is a Lecturer in Biomathematics and a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow. Previously he was a fellow for the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 after he received a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh.
Fern Hughes Fern Hughes is a PhD student joint funded by the EPSRC Centre for Mathematics of Precision Healthcare and MRC. She is co-supervised by Alexis Barr at the Institute of Clinical Sciences. Her research focuses on building stochastic models of cell cycle control, and combining these models with data from quantitative live cell imaging to make predictions about factors affecting cell proliferation. Fern received both her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and her MSc in Mathematical Medicine and Biology from the University of Nottingham.
Francesco Puccioni Francesco Puccioni is an EPSRC-funded PhD student in Applied Mathematics. He earned a Master Degree in Physics of Complex Systems from the University of Turin where he focused on dynamical phase transitions in Katz-Lebowitz-Spohn models. His current research aims to provide novel theoretical methods and simulation algorithms to describe the evolution of agent based populations.
Dimitris Volteras Dimitris Volteras is a departmental-funded PhD student in Applied Mathematics co-supervised by Vahid Shahrezaei. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Mathematics at the University of Athens and his Master Degree in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London. His current research is focused on developing multiscale stochastic methods for approximating biochemical reaction networks as well as predictive models for extracting dynamic information from single-cell snapshot data.
Hannah Dewhurst Hannah Dewhurst is an MRC-funded PhD student. She received her undergraduate degree and MSci in Bioveterinary Sciences from The Royal Veterinary College. She has since gained experience working as a Research Assistant in the Molecular Endocrinology group at Imperial College, investigating the genetic determinants of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. She has now joined the group of Luca Magnani, co-supervised by Philipp Thomas and her research is focussed on the mechanisms behind treatment-induced cancer cell dormancy and how this leads to resistance to endocrine therapy in Oestrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer.


Antonio Matas Gil (MSci 2021)
Baudouin Knockaert (MSc 2020)
Tom Halmos (MRes 2020 now @IQVIA)
Leo Linden (MSc 2019 now @UKDRI Neurogenomics Lab)
Christophe Pisibone (MSc 2018)
Xiaoyun Zhai (MSc 2018)
Dr Juan Kuntz (2018, now @Stats Warwick)