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Details of independent postdoctoral fellowships - page is slightly under development but the links are as exhaustive as I can achieve.

These people keep good links:

 Below is Nick's list of fellowship providers

Some are advertised on

EPSRC PhD Prizes - it's like a 1-year extension to your PhD. Imperial does these as well.

The Big British funding councils:




note especially this one on informatics

Other sources:

Junior Research Fellowships Imperial - deadline ~Oct time. 20 Fellowships. Seems like one of the best providers of independent fellowships.

Leverhulme - requires the school to come in for half the costs. Imperial might do this

James Macdonnell - Complex Systems - July - only if you're still a PhD candidate

Chapman Fellowships in Mathematics Imperial - need to google it when advertised nearer the time - deadline Nov-Jan

Human frontiers science programme - international exchange required.

Wellcome Trust
Numerous fellowship programmes including international, Wellcome-MIT and biomedical

Marie Curie fellowships - international exchange required.

Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 - deadline Feb time

EMBO - Euro Mol Bio

L’Oréal National Fellowships - Enabling women at the doctorate level to pursue scientific research in their home country. Go to:

 then click “For Women in Science” for the UK site.

British Heart Foundation Fellows:

Foulkes Foundation: Medical Research

Royal Academy for Engineering

Newton - for people coming into the UK

Santa fe insitute in new mexico has independent fellowships in complex systems

Royal Society - more senior 

For the US:


If you want to go to Japan or come from it:

If you've had a career break or might face discontinuities/ require flexibility:



Possibly suspended: