Zak's invention

Is here:

Some music.

Winamp/iTunes Windows Media Player Real Player

Some games.

Try Zak's adventure game.

Try Zak's game that he made: Ballys vs Hobbydoos!. New for Christmas 2011! This is version 6, and it's an executable for Microsoft Windows. Zak claims that there are "even less bugs" now. Versions one (vaguely comprehensible) and two (a bit buggy and weird) still available for hardcore fans. (Version 3 was just a more buggy version than v2). Oh---here's version four and version five.

Try Quest for the Crown!

...and when you've finished that, try You Have To Burn The Rope!

Try this electric box game. And when you've done that, try this one!

How many achievements can you unlock? Joel and Zak got all 100...Oh good gosh more achievements here (warning: you can't save...)

Try My first quantum translocator. It gets a bit tricky near the end...

Do you remember hapland and hapland and hapland? I never did the last one...

Actually there's more good stuff at example try escape from rhetundo island (I can't get past level 4) or netshift (I am quite good at these.)

Write computer programs, in a good way, here. [Local link is here but this won't work for anyone if they're not in Joel and Zak's house]

...ooh, and here too.

If you have Chrome then you might like chrome experiments.

Try the pi trainer. I can do 100. But I'm a nerd.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's...

Sand. Kezia might like that one.

Powder game doesn't work in Chrome on a mac because it needs java. Works fine in firefox though.

Game game game and again game.

The company of myself.

Make some music!. You know Mum will approve!

Go jump from building to building.

A Dralien Day.

Nitrome is here.

Can you escape the haunted house?

Here's a game with only one level. And an elephant!

A story is here.

A puzzle game (dwarf complete) is here.

Eyezmaze is there.

Dragon Fable is here.

Play hangman here and save granny from the aliens! Or try here and save us all from the aliens! But no aliens here thank goodness.


Can you be bothered to get through 99 rooms?

Something that sounds really nice is here.

∂∂˙∆ƒ∑≤[joel wrote this]

Google (sort of) is here

Tee hee.

Slime rider..

News just in.

What happens if a bunch of cars get caught in a flood?

Stuff about gladiators.

Some funny lookin' fish.

Even more funny lookin' fish!

Meet the sabre-toothed sausage.

And now the psychic octopus!

Newsround is over there.

Find out about the dangers of peanut butter!

Something about robots is here.

Beware the dreaded mountain chicken frog here.

Curriculum stuff.

Some maths games...

Tudor stuff is here so what are you waiting for Joel??

And Egyptian stuff is there so get going Zak!

3J's website is here.

Other stuff.

There's a new(ish) Lamonical Chronicle.

Twitter is here.

Late news just in

Here's a new version of Joel and Zak's web page!