The London-Paris Number Theory Seminar

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The London-Paris Number Theory Seminar meets twice per year, once in London and once in Paris. It is supported by grants from ANR Projet ArShiFo ANR-BLAN-0114, EPSRC Platform Grant EP/I019111/1, PerCoLaTor (Grant ANR-14-CE25), the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, and ERC Advanced Grant AAMOT.

London organizers: David Burns, Kevin Buzzard Fred Diamond, Yiannis Petridis, Alexei Skorobogatov, Andrei Yafaev, Sarah Zerbes.

Paris organizers: Pierre Charollois, Olivier Fouquet, Michael Harris, Marc Hindry, Benjamin Schraen, Jacques Tilouine.

21st meeting, Paris.

The 21st meeting of the LPNTS will take place in Paris, on 14th and 15th November. The theme is Perfectoid spaces/Espaces perfectoïdes. The start time is 11:15 on the 14th, giving London participants the possibility of catching an early Eurostar to Paris that morning.

The meeting will take place in Paris 6 (Jussieu), room 15-25 104 (this is on the 1st floor, between Towers 15 and 25, and note the late room change). From Eurostar-Gare du Nord, take metro line 4 to Odéon, then change to line 10 and exit at Jussieu.

For various administrative reasons, people will be asked to register. Registration is free. To register, please send an email to Benjamin Schraen (a link to his home page is above, and his email address can be found there).

Monday 14th (all talks in room 15-25 104 (1st floor between Towers 15 and 25) in Jussieu)

11h15 : Stroh (Jussieu) -- "Autour des tours"
12h15 : lunch (free for registered participants).
14h : André (Jussieu)
15h30 : Newton (Kings College London) -- "Galois representations and the completed homology of locally symmetric spaces"
16h45 : Ramero (Univ Lille) -- "Perfectoid spaces and log-regular rings"

Tuesday 15th Morning (same room)

9h : A. Vezzani (Paris 13) -- "The tilting equivalence and motivic Galois groups"
10h15 : Caraiani (University of Bonn/Imperial College London) -- "On the generic part of the cohomology of certain unitary Shimura varieties"
11h30 : Morrow (Jussieu) -- "Poincaré duality and Chern classes for A_inf cohomology"
12h30: lunch at the restaurant (free for all registered participants).

Tuesday afternoon (the room for the last talk is different : 16-26 113, 1st floor between Towers 16 and 26)

14h : Fargues (Jussieu) -- "Simple connectedness of the fibers of an Abel Jacobi morphism and local class field theory"

15th meeting (Paris, 18/11/13)
16th meeting (London, 9/6/14)
17th meeting (Paris, 10/11/14)
18th meeting (London, 4--5/6/15)
19th meeting (Paris 13, 9/11/15)
20th meeting (UCL, 6--7/6/16)

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