The London-Paris Number Theory Seminar

The London-Paris Number Theory Seminar meets twice per year, once in London and once in Paris. It is supported by grants from ANR Projet ArShiFo ANR-BLAN-0114, EPSRC Platform Grant EP/I019111/1, PerCoLaTor (Grant ANR-14-CE25), the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, and ERC Advanced Grant AAMOT.

London organizers: David Burns, Kevin Buzzard Fred Diamond, Yiannis Petridis, Alexei Skorobogatov, Andrei Yafaev, Sarah Zerbes.

Paris organizers: Pierre Charollois, Olivier Fouquet, Michael Harris, Marc Hindry, Benjamin Schraen, Jacques Tilouine.

20th meeting, London.

The 20th meeting of the LPNTS took place in London (at UCL), on 6th and 7th June 2016. The themes were representations of p-adic groups and arithmetic geometry.



Coffee/tea/pastries 10:00-11:00
Talk 1 11:00-12:00 D. Roessler
Lunch 12:00-14:00
Talk 2 14:00-15:00 L. Taelman
Coffee 15:00-15:45
Talk 3 15:45-16:45 A. Cadoret
Drinks 17:00-18:00


Talk 4 9:30-10:30 S. Stevens
Coffee 10:30-11:00
Talk 5 11:00-12:00 A.-M. Aubert
Lunch 12:00-14:00
Talk 6 14:00-15:00 A.-C. Le Bras
Coffee 15:00-15:45
Talk 7 15:45-16:45 K. Ardakov

Here are the titles and abstracts:

Shaun Stevens (UEA)
Title: Representations of p-adic groups and the local Langlands correspondence
Abstract: In this introductory talk, I will try to describe the some of the ideas, techniques, and questions in the representation theory of p-adic groups, motivated by the local Langlands correspondence, mostly just for complex representations. I will assume some familiarity with local fields and with the representation theory of finite groups.

Damian Roessler (Oxford)
Title: On the group of purely inseparable points of an abelian variety defined over a function field of positive characteristic
Abstract: Let K be a function field in one variable over a finite field of char. p>0. Let A be an ordinary abelian variety over K. We shall describe the proof of the following statement. Suppose that the group A(K^sep)[p^\infy] is finite. Then A(K^perf) is finitely generated. Here K^sep is the separable closure of K and K^perf=K^(-p^\infy) is the maximal purely inseparable extension of K. This has applications to the Mordell-Lang conjecture in positive characteristic.

Anna Cadoret (Ecole Polytechnique)
Title: Geometric monodromy - semisimplicity and maximality
Abstract: Let X be a connected scheme, smooth and separated over an algebraically closed field k of characteristic p, let f:Y-> X be a smooth proper morphism and x a geometric point on X. We show that the tensor invariants of bounded length d of the etale fundamental group \pi_1(X) acting on the \'etale cohomology groups H^*(Y_x,\F_l) are the reduction modulo-l of the tensor invariants of \pi_1(X,x) acting on H^*(Y_x,\Z_l) for l large enough depending on f:Y-> X, d. We use this result to discuss semisimplicity and maximality issues about the image of \pi_1(X,x) acting on H^*(Y_x,\Z_l). This is a joint work with Chun-Yin Hui and Akio Tamagawa.

Arthur-César Le Bras (Ecole Normale)
Title : Drinfeld’s coverings and the $p$-adic Langlands correspondence
Abstract : I will explain the proof of (a version of) a conjecture of Breuil-Strauch, which gives a purely geometric description of the $p$-adic local Langlands correspondence for $GL_2(\mathbf{Q}_p)$ for de Rham non trianguline Galois representations, using Drinfeld's coverings of the $p$-adic upper half-plane. It can be seen as a $p$-adic analogue of the realization of the (classical) local Langlands correspondence for supercuspidal representations in the $\ell$-adic cohomology of the Drinfeld tower. This is a joint work with Gabriel Dospinescu.

Lenny Taelman (Amsterdam)
Title: Complex multiplication and K3 surfaces over finite fields
Abstract: The zeta function of a K3 surface over a finite field satisfies a number of obvious (archimedean and l-adic) and a number of less obvious (p-adic) constraints. We consider the converse question, in the style of Honda-Tate: given a rational function Z satisfying all these constraints, does there exist a K3 surface whose zeta-function equals Z?

Konstantin Ardakov (Oxford)
Title: Admissible representations of p-adic Lie groups, and D-modules
Abstract: The localisation theorem of Beilinson and Bernstein opened new doors in representation theory by relating representations of semisimple Lie algebras to D-modules on flag varieties. I will talk about an extension of this result, which gives an anti-equivalence between the category of admissible representations (locally analytic, with trivial infinitesimal central character) of a semisimple p-adic Lie group and the category of coadmissible equivariant D-modules on the rigid analytic variety.

Anne-Marie Aubert (Jussieu)
Title: Cuspidality and Hecke algebras for enhanced Langlands parameters
Abstract: Enhanced Langlands parameters for a p-adic group G are pairs formed by a Langlands parameter for G and an irreducible character of a certain component group attached to the parameter. We will introduce notion of cuspidality and of cuspidal support for these pairs, describe a map that attaches to an arbitrary enhanced Langlands parameter for G the inertial class of its cuspidal support, and associate to the latter a twisted affine Hecke algebra. It is joint work with Ahmed Moussaoui and Maarten Solleveld.

Note: some of these talks are introductory talks, aimed at PhD students.

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