The London-Paris Number Theory Seminar

Tenth meeting, London, 01/06/2011

The 10th meeting will take place on Wednesday 1st June 2011 at University College London in Lecture Theatre 500 (5th floor, UCL, Maths building).
The theme of the meeting is "Group Schemes and p-adic Hodge Theory."
The schedule of talks is as follows:

11.00-12.00 Victor Abrashkin (Durham)
Finite flat commutative group schemes of period p
12.00-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.00 Ariane Mezard (Versailles)
Refined multiplicities conjecture
3.00-3.30 Tea, coffee and biscuits
3.30-4.30 Jean-Marc Fontaine (Paris 11)
p-adic Galois representations and vector bundles on curves

The London-Paris Number Theory Seminar is supported by a grant from the London Mathematical Society.

First meeting (Paris, 13/11/2006)
Second meeting (London, 02/05/2007)
Third meeting (Paris, 12/11/2007)
Fourth meeting (London, 07/05-08/05/2008)
Fifth meeting (Paris, 17/11/2008)
Sixth meeting (London, 03/06-04/06/2009)
Seventh meeting (Paris, 16/11/2009)
Eighth meeting (London, 02/06/2010)
Ninth meeting (Paris, 08/11/2010)

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