The London-Paris Number Theory Seminar

Seventh meeting, Paris, 16/11/2009

The 7th meeting took place on Monday 16th November 2009 in Paris. The schedule was

11.00-12.00 Matthew Emerton (Northwestern University, Evanston, USA)
On the ordinary part of cohomology
Abstract: In this talk I will explain the relationship between the p-adically completed cohomology groups associated to reductive groups over Q and the ordinary part of cohomology as introduced by Hida and studied by him and others.
The connection is provided by the functor of ordinary parts and its derived functors, and I will review these notions. I will also explain a general duality property for the functor of ordinary parts, which when applied in the context of p-adically completed cohomology, gives Poincare duality for the ordinary part of cohomology.
2.00-3.00 Alexei Skorobogatov (Imperial College, London, UK)
On the Brauer group of K3 surfaces
3.30-4.30 Sinnou David (Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6, France)
Rational points on subvarieties of semi-abelian varieties: an overview

Sixth meeting (London, 03/06-04/06/2009)
Eighth meeting (London, 02/06/2010)
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