Spring 2014
Lecturer: Dr Axel Gandy

The course material will be made available at bb.imperial.ac.uk. For further information about the virtual learning environment please go to the ICT support pages. In particular, if you have problems logging into the system, please contact ICT.

You should be able to get access to the course material yourself. Within blackboard, search for the course (the course ID is "DSS-M2S2-13_14" and the course name is "M2S2 Statistical modelling 1 (2013-2014)"). Then click on the arrow that appears when your mouse hovers over the "course ID" and click "enrol"). Then enter the access code, which I will announce in the lecture and which will be on my office door in the first week of term. Furthermore, there is a short video on how to enrol onto this course (you need to log into panopto to see this).
If you have trouble enrolling then please send me an e-mail.

Note: enrolling to access the course material does not automatically register you for sitting the exam - you have to do this separately via the usual departmental procedures.

Some interactive illustrations
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