Numerical and asymptotic approaches to scattering problems involving finite elastic plates in structural acoustics

An efficient, flexible and accurate numerical scheme for treating scattering problems involving clamped finite elastic plates is developed. Such problems are of particular interest in structural acoustics and have relevance to scattering by panels in underwater acoustics and aerodynamic noise. The scheme is applied to a single plate in a rigid baffle and also to a periodic array of elastic plates. Considerable effort has been expended in the past to develop asymptotic methods for treating these problems in various limits such as `heavy' or `light' fluid loading or for wide strips. To validate the numerical scheme and also to demonstrate the ranges of validity of these approximations, comparisons between numerical and asymptotic solutions are made. The asymptotic methods are developed in some detail and some useful approximate formulae are identified.

Co-authored with S.G. Llewellyn-Smith, DAMTP, University of Cambridge

Wave Motion, 30, pp. 17-41, 1999

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