7th ISAAC Congress

Imperial College London

July 13-18, 2009

  1. I.Complex Analysis
    I.1. Complex variables and potential theory (T. Aliyev, M. Lanza de Cristoforis, S. Plaksa, P. Tamrazov)
    I.2. Differential equations: Complex and functional analytic methods, applications (H. Begehr, D.-Q. Dai, J.Y. Du)
    I.3. Complex-analytical methods for applied sciences (V. Mityushev, S. Rogosin)
    I.4. Zeros and Gamma lines -- value distributions of real and complex functions and mappings (G. Barsegian, G. Csordas)

  2. II. Hypercomplex Analysis
    II.1. Clifford and quaternion analysis (I. Sabadini, F. Sommen)
    II.2. Analytical, geometrical and numerical methods in Clifford- and Cayley-Dickson-algebras (K. Gürlebeck, V. Kisil, W. Sprößig)

  3. III. Functional Analysis and Operator Theory
    III.1. Toeplitz operators and their applications (S. Grudsky, N. Vasilevski)
    III.2. Reproducing kernels and related topics (A. Berlinet, S. Saitoh)
    III.3. Modern aspects of the theory of integral transforms (A. Kilbas, S. Saitoh)
    III.4. Spaces of differentiable functions of several real variables and applications (V. Burenkov, S. Samko)
    III.5. Analytic and harmonic function spaces (R. Aulaskari, T. Kaptanoglu, J. Rättyä)
    III.6. Spectral theory (E.B. Davies, A. Laptev, Yu. Safarov)

  4. IV. Partial Differential Equations
    IV.1. Pseudo-differential operators (L. Rodino, M.W. Wong)
    IV.2. Dispersive equations (M. Reissig, F. Hirosawa)
    IV.3. Control and optimisation of nonlinear evolutionary systems (F. Bucci, I. Lasiecka)
    IV.4. Nonlinear PDE (V. Georgiev, T. Ozawa)
    IV.5. Asymptotic and multiscale analysis (I. Kamotski, V. Smyshlyaev)

  5. V. Applied Analysis
    V.1. Inverse problems (Y. Kurylev, M. Yamamoto)
    V.2. Stochastic analysis (D. Crisan, T. Lyons)
    V.3. Coercivity and functional inequalities (D. Bakry, B. Zegarlinski)
    V.4. Dynamical systems (J. Lamb, S. Luzzatto)
    V.5. Functional differential and difference equations (L. Berezansky, J. Diblik, A. Zafer)
    V.6  Biomathematics (R. Gilbert)

  6. VI.Others

The following sessions / minisymposia are planned.