7th ISAAC Congress

Imperial College London

July 13-18, 2009


Abstracts for talks can be submitted online together with your registration. An abstracts volume will be given to all registered participants during the conference.

Deadline for abstract submission:  15. May 2009

The abstracts volume can be downloaded as pdf file




Proceedings of the 7th ISAAC Congress will be published. Deadline for submitting an article and further particulars will be announced during the congress.

There will be several volumes of proceedings, some of the sessions will also publish their own proceedings.

General Proceedings (open to all participants)

Partial Differential Equations (in particular III.6, IV.2-5, V.1)

Clifford and Quaternion Analysis (II.1, Sabadini/Sommen ed.)

Pseudo-differential Operators (IV.1, Rodino/Wong ed.)

Dispersive Equations (IV.2, DelSanto/Hirosawa/Reissig ed.)

(General+PDE) Proceedings can already be purchased for a reduced price (£60) at the moment of registration. For session proceedings there will be separate arrangements with the session organisers.


For further inquiries please contact info@isaac2009.org or directly the Chairman of the local organising committee, Michael Ruzhansky, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London.