7th ISAAC Congress

Imperial College London

July 13-18, 2009


Sir John Ball (Oxford)

    The Q-tensor theory of liquid crystals

Louis Boutet de Monvel (Paris)

    Asymptotic equivariant index of Toeplitz operators and 

    Atiyah-Weinstein conjecture

Brian Davies (London)

    Non-self-adjoint spectral theory

Simon Donaldson (London)

    Asymptotic analysis and complex differential geometry

Carlos Kenig (Chicago)

    The global behaviour of solutions to critical non-linear

    dispersive equations

Vakhtang Kokilashvili (Tbilisi)

    Non-linear harmonic analysis methods in BVPs of analytic

    and harmonic functions

Nicolas Lerner (Paris)

    Instability for the Cauchy-Kowalewskaya solution for a class

    of non-linear systems

Paul Malliavin (Paris)

    Non-ergodicity of Euler deterministic fluid dynamics via

    stochastic analysis

Vladimir Maz’ya (Linköping, Liverpool)

    Higher order elliptic problems in non-smooth domains

Bert-Wolfgang Schulze (Potsdam)

    Operator algebras with symbolic hierarchies on stratified


Gunther Uhlmann (Seattle)

    Visibility and invisibility

Masahiro Yamamoto (Tokyo)

    Practise of industrial mathematics related with the steel

    manufacturing process

Plenary Speakers

For further inquiries please contact info@isaac2009.org or directly the Chairman of the local organising committee, Michael Ruzhansky, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London.

Public lecture on Monday 13 July by

Pierre-Louis Lions (Paris)

    Analysis, Models and Simulations