International Workshop

“PDEs and Function Spaces”

Imperial College London, UK

3-5 December, 2008




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Michael Ruzhansky


Jens Wirth

(Imperial College London)



Mitsuru Sugimoto

(Nagoya University)




Conference Venue: Huxley Building, Imperial College London (see the schedule for exact rooms)

Address :     Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, 180 Queen’s Gate, London SW7 2AZ, United Kingdom


Featured topics include:


Linear and nonlinear PDEs


Function spaces


Spectral theory


Microlocal analysis


Pseudo-differential operators


Related topics

The aim of the conference is to highlight the use of various function spaces in the modern analysis of linear and nonlinear partial differential equations. The function spaces include Sobolev space-time spaces, Colombeau’s algebras, modulation spaces, symbol classes, etc.

The program may include some survey lectures on the use of particular function spaces for various problems in PDEs.

The workshop is the second conference in the series of meetings devoted to “PDEs and Function Spaces”. The first meeting was an international symposium “Function Spaces and Partial Differential Equations” held on 18-20 February 2008 at Osaka University, Japan.


  • Neal Bez (University of Birmingham, UK)

                        Monotonicity of space-time norms associated to the free Schrödinger equation”

  • Yasuo Chiba (Tokyo University of Technology, Japan)

                  On microlocal solutions for boundary value problems with fractional power singularities”

  • Shantanu Dave (University of Vienna, Austria)

                        Equivariant  traces on pseudo-differential operators”

  • Claudia Garetto (University of Innsbruck, Austria)

                  Colombeau theory and operators with singular coefficients”

  • Ilia Kamotski (University of Bath, UK)

                        Lame operator in Holder domains: regularity of a solution and spectral  properties

  • Masaharu Kobayashi (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)

                        Embedding relation between local Hardy and modulation spaces”

  • Michael Levitin (University of Cardiff, UK)

                        A class of PT-symmetric periodic non-self-adjoint problems with real spectrum”

  • Karel Pravda-Starov (Imperial College London, UK)

                        Spectra and semigroup smoothing for non-elliptic quadratic operators”

  • Roland Steinbauer (University of Vienna, Austria)

                  Semi-Riemannian metrics of low differentiability”

  • Mitsuru Sugimoto (Nagoya University, Japan)

                  “Limiting absorption principle in the critical case and Sommerfeld radiation condition”

  • Ryuichi Suzuki (Kokushikan University, Japan / Imperial College London, UK)

                  Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of a semilinear heat equation with localized reaction”

  • Ville Turunen (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)

                        “Global symbolic calculus of pseudo-differential operators on spheres”

  • James Vickers (University of Southampton, UK)

                        Singular solutions of Einstein's equations”

  • Ingo Witt (University of Göttingen, Germany)

                        Formation of singularities at Morse points”



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