M. Ruzhansky, V. Turunen

Pseudo-Differential Operators and Symmetries: Background Analysis and Advanced Topics

Birkhäuser, Basel, 2010.


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Contents, Preface and Introduction


Part I. Foundations of analysis


Chapter A. Sets, topology and metrics

Chapter B. Elementary functional analysis

Chapter C. Measure theory and integration

Chapter D. Algebras


Part II. Commutative symmetries

(excluding Chapter 5: Commutator characterisation of pseudo-differential operators)


Chapter 1. Fourier analysis on Rn

Chapter 2. Pseudo-differential operators on Rn

Chapter 3. Periodic and discrete analysis

Chapter 4. Pseudo-differential operators on Tn

Chapter 5. Commutator characterisation of pseudo-differential operators


Part III. Representation theory of compact groups

(excluding Chapter 9: Hopf algebras)


Chapter 6. Groups

Chapter 7. Topological groups

Chapter 8. Linear Lie groups

Chapter 9. Hopf algebras


Part IV.  Non-commutative symmetries


Chapter 10. Pseudo-differential operators on compact Lie groups

Chapter 11. Fourier analysis on SU(2)

Chapter 12. Pseudo-differential operators on SU(2)

Chapter 13. Pseudo-differential operators on homogeneous spaces


Bibliography, Notation, and Index


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