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This webpage is part of a bridge between Indian Researchers and Imperial College BioMathematics

Imperial BioMaths is interested in cultivating collaborations with India, combining strengths, and investigating exciting questions at the interface between Mathematics, Physical sciences and Biology. There are a number of fellowships which can allow researchers to be based between India and Imperial. A page summarizing these opportunities is here, the major sources being Newton International Fellowships, Marie Curie International Fellowships, Exhibition of 1851 Research Fellowships, Human Frontier Science Programme, Imperial College JRFs, Chapman Fellowships and McDonnell foundation and EPSRC and BBSRC fellowships. Postdoctoral opportunities are also present at the Indian Institutes listed below coupled to possibilities for travel to Imperial. Imperial College also has International PhD student scholarships for excellent candidates; these can be split between countries.

Details of the Imperial Biomathematics Group can be found here



Current Indian Participants

IIT Delhi Sumeet Agarwal

TIFR Bombay Manoj Gopalkrishnan Onkar Dabeer

NCBS Bangalore Mukund Thattai Madan Rao

IISc Madan Rao

Enquiries: Nick Jones

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