Images of Chaos and Symmetry

This collection of images is divided into the following groups:

The repeating patterns directory contains the directories Hexagonal Quilts and Square Quilts. In turn, both the Hexagonal and Square quilts directories contain subdirectories of two color hexagonal quilts and two color square quilts. These subdirectories contain `two-color' designs.

A few of the images are `cycling GIF files' (for example, in the Icons directory Nite Vision appears as a a cycling GIF file). The cycling gifs are usually identified with the phrase `Image with detail'.

All images remain copyright © Michael Field. They may not be used without my (written) permission.

Almost all of the designs are fairly new. Versions of one or two of the designs have appeared previously in the book Symmetry in Chaos by Michael Field and Martin Golubitsky (OUP, 1992, and SIAM, 2009, 2nd edition) - I have indicated those specifically.
Several of the images shown on these pages have appeared in exhibitions (Including: The Frontier between art and Science, International Exhibition [Valladolid, March 1-15, Salamanca, April 6-23, Leon, April 26-May 14, Granada (June/July), Buenos Aires, Belgrade, Vienna, late 2000]; 8th NY Digital Salon, November 6 through December 9 at Visual Arts Museum, 209 E 23rd Street, New York; Art and Mathematics 2000, Cooper Union, New York, NY, November 7-December 15, 2000; "Math=Art", Kingwood College, November 9-22, 2000; Art & Mathematics 2001,Berkshire Community College, Mass., February 1 - March 30, 2001. Science in the Arts - Art in the Sciences exhibition in Budapest, Hungary, 1999; (With Martin Golubitsky), Six month exhibit of images of Symmetric Chaos, Science Museum, London, England, 1995.)

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