We show some logos and book covers designed using the software package prism (© Michael Field, 1996).
Front cover of the proceedings of the 1990 Australian Academy of Science Symposium on `The Role of Mathematics in Science'. (A colored version of this image, called Kachina Dolls, appears in Symmetry in Chaos.)
Logo for Australian Academy of Science Proceedings [29K]
IMA Logo. This image has been used as a logo by the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota. The image was originally discovered by Jim Richardson', Systems Analyst, University of Sydney, Australia. For further investigation of this logo, click on IMA logo.
IMA Logo [79K]
Front cover of an Oxford University Press text book Mathematics for GNVQ+GCSE by Buchanan and Gaulter, 1998. The image is similar to Gothic Medallion (see Figure 3.4(b), Symmetry in Chaos).
Gothic Medallion [53K]
Front cover of Physical Chemistry by P W Atkins, OUP (1994). The image is based on Fractured Symmetries (Figure 6.5, Symmetry in Chaos).
Fractured Symmetries [416K]
Front cover of Inorganic Chemistry by D F Shriver, P W Atkins and C H Langford, OUP (1994). The image is based on Marching Troupe (see Figure D.9, Symmetry in Chaos).
Marching Troupe [266K]
Front cover of Contemorary Abstract Algebra by Joseph A Gallian, Heath & Co (1994). The image is based on Lace by Nine (see Figure 2.5, Symmetry in Chaos).
Lace by Nine [117K]
Image used for front cover of Contemorary Abstract Algebra, fourth edition by Joseph A Gallian, Houghton-Mifflin (1998). The image is based on Victorian Tiles (see Figure 3.23, Symmetry in Chaos).
Victorian Tiles [337K]
Front cover of Precalculus by David Cohen, West Pub. Co (1993). The image is based on Golden Flintstone (see Figure 5.5, Symmetry in Chaos).
Golden Flintstone [91K]
The next image Sunflower was used for the front cover of Symmetry in Chaos as well as the front cover of Precalculus, by Michael Sullivan and Michael Sullivan III, Prentice-Hall (1998).
Sunflower [144K]
Please note that all images shown on this page are © Michael Field, and may not be reproduced without my written permission.
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