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Marie Curie Fellow, Imperial College (2014-2016)

Asynchronous Networks

Professor Mike Field's research is mainly in dynamical systems and includes statistical properties (ergodic theory and mixing), network dynamics with special reference to asynchronous networks, adaptation, event driven dynamics and non-smooth dynamics, and the geometric theory of dynamical systems with symmetry and the mechanisms whereby symmetry can lead to complex dynamics in low dimensional systems. Areas of application include spiking neuronal networks, plasticity and visualization. (vita).

Recent projects and awards

Dynamics of Asynchronous Networks, Adaptation and Visualization
NSF award DMS-1265253 held at William Marsh Rice University, Houston, Texas

Postdoctoral Fellows supported by the grant:   Chris Bick (2013-2014)   Anushaya Mohapatra (2014)

Asynchronous Networks

Marie Curie Fellowship, Imperial College (2014-2016).

Mathematics and the arts, Education:

Mathematics education in the community and schools.

Member of the Executive committee and Board of Directors of ESMA European Society of Mathematics and Art.

On Fulbright Specialist Roster (from 2013).

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Professor Mike Field
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University of California, Santa Barbara
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