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Computational Partial Differential Equations I: Mathematics M5N10 (M3N10, M4N10)

This is an introductory course on numerical methods for the solution of partial differential equations (PDEs). Initial boundary value problems will be considered for both one- and multi-dimensional equations. The theoretical emphasis will be on consistency, stability, and convergence; implementation will also be a big part of the course. The course will be a mix of theory and practice with students undertaking numerous computational projects.

Course outline and reading list can be found HERE

Course Assignments
  1. Assigment 1 is HERE . Due January 27. Solutions are HERE

  2. Assigment 2 is HERE . Due February 9.

  3. Assigment 3 is HERE . Due February 27.

  4. Assigment 4 is HERE . Due March 9.

  5. The Midterm Test is HERE.