Mailing lists concerning number theory in London.

I set up not one but two mailing lists, with superficially similar-sounding aims but which actually do rather distinct jobs. If you read on I'll try and explain what the difference is. Here's a summary though: if you're actually in London and a number theorist, subscribe to both mailing lists, and if you're not in London but are interested in seeing the schedule for the London number theory seminar, subscribe to the first one only.

The london-number-theory-seminar mailing list.

The london-number-theory-seminar mailing list is a very low-traffic moderated mailing list for which a typical post is one of the following:

*) The current schedule for the London Number Theory Seminar.
*) The current schedule for the London Number Theory study group.
*) An advertisement of a job or a conference, typically in the UK, and suitable for a number theorist.

The London Theory Seminar mailing list can be subscribed to by clicking here. It's very low-traffic and it's moderated (so no spam). If you just want to see who is speaking in the near future then you could just look at the London Number Theory Seminar web page, which is here.

The london-number-theorists mailing list.

My experience is that there are plenty of people on the seminar mailing list above who are not in London, but who subscribe just because they want to see who is speaking on the off-chance that it's Serre (which was indeed the case on May 27th 2009!) in which case they might make the effort to come. However, these people don't really want to hear internal debates about whether the seminar should be at Imperial or UCL in September 2009, whether the study group should be on trees or on buildings, or last-minute announcements about how the study group has been moved from room 123 to room 321. These more informal chats take place on the london-number-theorists mailing list, which can be subscribed to here. The advantage of subscribing to this is that if you're a number theorist in London then subscribing gives you a genuine voice when it comes to deciding things like topics for study groups.

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