Introduction to Coercive Inequalties

Prof. B Zegarlinski

Imperial HXLY 6M42

Friday's 10 am-12noon (October 13 – December 8)

The Course Content:

    I. Rapid Review of Measure & Integration Theory, L_p and Orlicz Spaces, Convexity of L_p norms, Differentiablity of the norms, Holder and Minkowski inequality,

    II. Weak Differentiation and Dirichlet Forms, Sobolev Inequality (CSI), Gagliardo-Niremberg Approach, Nash inequality (NI), Ultracontractivity of heat semigroup, Equivalence of (CSI) & (NI).

    III. Logarithmic Sobolev Inequality (LSI): Product property, Poincare Inequality, Exponential Bounds, Perturbation Lemma, Hypercontractivity,

    IV. How to prove Coercive inequalities for Probability Measures: Bakry-Emery criterion and beyond.

Course Material :

Lec1 ; Lec2 ; Lec3 ; Lec4 ; Lec5 ; Lec6 ; Lec7 ; Lec8

PS.1; PS.2; PS.3; PS.4



Lecture Notes

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