Torsors: theory and applications


10 - 14 January 2011


A conference organized by Victor Batyrev and Alexei Skorobogatov and funded by EPSRC and LMS.


International Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Edinburgh, Scotland


The aim of the conference is to bring together those who work with torsors from different perspectives

(geometric invariant theory, algebraic geometry, representation theory, non-abelian cohomology)

and those who apply torsors in arithmetic geometry.


Mini-courses: "Cox rings and GIT" by Jürgen Hausen, and "Representation theory and torsors" by Vera Serganova


Participants include:


Ivan Arzhantsev, Mikhail Borovoi, Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène, Cyril Demarche, Ulrich Derenthal,

Matthieu Florence, Philippe Gille, David Harari, Yonatan Harpaz, Antonio Laface, Ambrus Pal,

Tomer Shlank, Jakob Stix, Michael Stoll, Damiano Testa, Jenia Tevelev, Bianca Viray, Felipe Voloch



Links to some related surveys and an unpublished note by A. Grothendieck.


A volume of Proceedings of this workshop, under a tentative title "Lectures on torsors and their applications",

is being planned, possibly to be published in the LMS Lecture Notes Series. It will include lecture notes from

two mini-courses. All contributions will be duly refereed. A contribution can be an original research paper,

or a survey giving an account of the present state of knowledge of some aspect of the workshop's subject.

The deadline for submission is expected to be soon after the conference.