New directions in rational points (Chennai, BIRS-CMI, 8-12 January 2024)

Organised by M. Bright, A. Skorobogatov, E. Sofos, R. Sujatha, P. Vishe

Titles and abstracts of talks

All talks are in CMI, Room 202

Monday 8 January


8.00-9.30 registration

9.30-10.20 Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène

10.30-11.20 Peter Koymans

coffee break

11.50-12.40 Adam Morgan

lunch break

3.00-3.50 Brendan Creutz

coffee break

4.20-5.10 Margherita Pagano

5.10-6.00 Open problems/discussion


6.30-8.00 dance performance at CMI


Tuesday 9 January


9-9.50 Tim Browning

10-10.50 Wataru Kai

coffee break

11.30-12.20 Christopher Frei

lunch break

3.00-3.50 Simon Rydin Myerson

coffee break

4.20-5.10 Dan Loughran

5.20-6.00 Jakob Glas


Wednesday 10 January


9-9.50 Levent Alpöge

10-10.50 Sho Tanimoto

coffee break

11.30-12.20 Tim Santens

lunch, followed by (optional) guided tour to Mahabalipuram

Fees for the tour must be paid in cash at registration on Monday morning. The fee is Rs. 1490 for Indian nationals and Rs. 2050 for foreign nationals.


Thursday 11 January


9-9.50 Raman Parimala

10-10.50 Alec Shute

coffee break

11.30-12.20 Soumya Sankar

lunch break

3.00-3.50 Raman Preeti

coffee break

4.20-5.10 Domenico Valloni

5.20-6.00 discussion

6.00-7.30 football


Friday 12 January


9-9.50 Marta Pieropan

10-10.50 Subham Bhakta

coffee break

11.30-12.20 Julian Demeio