M1M1 Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the M1M1 treasure hunt!

This quiz is not for course credit, but I hope it will be fun. Each week I shall produce a page including questions relating to the course. Solving the problems will automatically decrypt a clue to the mystery M1M1 treasure. Note that the Hunt acts also as the "starred" questions for discussion with your Personal Tutor.

The treasure hunt should work on most standard browsers, but you will need to have javascript enabled. Please e-mail me if there are any errors. The encryption algorithm is fairly secure - it is certainly MUCH easier just to answer the questions than to crack it.

The hunt starts here and then takes a magical twist. In week 3, an evil archvillain requires thwarting, which requires investigation in week 4. In week 5, a perilous quest is undertaken, whose origins are found to lie in a mysterious theft in week 6. The quest reaches its glorious yet destructive end in Week 7. In week 8 a somewhat fruity tale leads to the third password.
In week 9, the Hunt approaches its exciting climax.