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  abstract = { The semiparametric linear hazard regression model introduced
  by McKeague and Sasieni (1994) is an extension of the linear hazard
  regression model developed by Aalen (1980). Methods of model
  selection for this type of model are still underdeveloped. In the
  process of fitting a semiparametric linear hazard regression model
  one usually starts with a given set of covariates. For each
  covariate one has at least the following three choices: allow it to
  have time-varying effect; allow it to have constant effect over time;
  or exclude it from the model. In this paper we discuss focused
  information criteria (FIC) to help with this choice. In the spirit
  of Claeskens and Hjort (2003), `focused' means that one is
  interested in one specific quantity, e.g.~the probability of
  survival of a patient with a certain set of covariates up to a given
  time. The FIC involves estimating the mean squared error of the
  estimator of the quantity one is interested in, and the chosen model
  is the one minimising this estimated mean squared error.
  The focused model selection machinery is extended to allow
  for weighted versions, leading to a suitable wFIC method
  that aims at finding models that lead to good estimates
  of a given list of parameters, such as survival probabilities
  for a subset of patients
  or for a specified region of covariate vectors.
  In addition to developing model selection criteria,
  methods associated with averaging across the best models
  are also discussed. We illustrate these methods of model selection
  in a real data situation.}

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